Evidence-based medicine and clinical practice


  • Mirjana Huić Institute for Clinical Medical Research University Hospital “Sestre milosrdnice” Zagreb


Evidence-based medicine, Evidence-based practice, Evidence-based patient choice, Evidence-based physician- patient relationship, Patient decision aids


Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the conscientious, explicit,and judicious use of current best evidence in makingdecision about the care of individual patients. The practiceof evidence-based medicine integrates physician’s individualclinical expertise, best available research evidence, and patientunique values in the process of decision-making aboutthe health-care. It should be accompanied by evidence-basedpatient choice. Evidence-based patient information, patientdecision aids, have been developed to assist patients withdifficult health-related decisions. The rationale of evidencebasedpractice is to improve the quality of care through theidentification and promotion of effective practice and eliminationof practices that are ineffective or harmful. The practiceof EBM involves five essential steps: converting informationneeds into an answerable question (PICO format); findingthe best evidence to answer the question; critical appraisalof the evidence for its validity and usefulness; application ofthe results into clinical practice; and evaluating performance.The practice of EBM should be a part of patients’ daily care.


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