Combined Microsurgical, Endoscopic and Neuronavigation Assisted Transseptal-Transsphenoidal Resection of Pituitary Tumors

Mirza Pojskić, Alisa Arnautovic, Marko Kovacevic, Neal S. Beckford, Mohammad N. Qureshi, James Linder, Kenan I. Arnautović


Objective. To describe the technical nuances of multimodal transseptal-transsphenoid surgery for pituitary tumors using a combination of microneurosurgery, neuroendoscopy, and electromagnetic neuronavigation.

Materials and Methods. A transnasal approach to the sella is performed endoscopically and widely exposed by an otolaryngologic surgeon. Surgery is next performed by the neurosurgeon with microscope and  neuronavigation for microsurgical resection of pituitary tumors. Neuroendoscope is also used at the end of surgery to confirm tumor resection and inspect operative site. During surgery, the patient’s head, angle and height of the microscope, and position of the table are repositionable to allow for multiple angle views. Abdominal fat harvested prior to the procedure is used to ensure cerebrospinal fluid seal.

Results. The senior author (KIA) has used the combined approach with 84 consecutive patients. Radical resection was achieved in 66 patients, subtotal in 11, and partial in 7. There were no perioperative complications. Six patients experienced postoperative transient diabetes insipidus. The pituitary gland and stalk were preserved in all cases. Visual symptoms were improved in 78% and endocrinological symptoms in 56% of cases.

Conclusion. This combined approach is safe and effective. It increases the efficacy and radicality of surgical resection, helps to preserve the pituitary gland, and improves and resolves preoperatively altered patient hormonal function and impaired vision. It also reduces complications, provides less postoperative pain and discomfort, reduces the surgery time, and enables a shorter hospital-stay.


Pituitary Tumor; Combined Microsurgical and Endoscopic; Transseptal; Transsphenoid Approach; Electromagnetic Neuronavigation

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