A Giant Lipoma in the Distal Forearm of a Cadaver

Konstantinos Natsis, Vlasios Achlatis, Maria Piagkou, Trifon Totlis


Objective. Lipomas are very common tumors which usually prefer the upper limbs and, depending on their size, may cause nerve compression, or may be asymptomatic. The current cadaveric report describes a giant lipoma in the distal forearm area.

Case Report. A large mass (5.1 × 3.2 × 1.6 cm) was identified on the palmar surface of the distal forearm, during dissection of a 63-year-old male cadaver. The mass caused anteromedial displacement and flattening of the median nerve (MN). Despite the lack of information about the subject’s medical history, MN compression was assumed on the basis of the lipoma’s size, its vicinity to neural structures, and the MN displacement and flattening.

Conclusion. The enlarged distal forearm lipoma, located adjacent to the carpal tunnel, displaced and flattened the MN. The cadaveric finding described is clinically relevant for both differential diagnosis and surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.



Distal Forearm; Giant Lipoma; Tendon Sheath; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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