Multiple pyogenic liver abscesses formed after appendectomy: The role of percutaneous drainage in critically ill patient


  • Enver Zerem
  • Alma Sušić


Interventional ultrasonography, Multiple simultaneous drainages, Antibiotic therapy


Multiple pyogenic liver abscesses formed after appendectomy andtheir percutaneous treatment with multiple catheters have been rarelydescribed. We report a case of multiple pyogenic liver abscesses in acritically ill patient, formed after appendectomy and treated successfullyby antibiotics and drainage with six catheters that were introducedsimultaneously under ultrasound control. Even though this wasa case of liver abscess secondary to appendicitis, today very rare inWestern countries, but still a serious complication in developing countries,it was successfully resolved by percutaneous drainage, along withantibiotic therapy. Conclusion. We emphasize the advantages of percutaneoustreatment compared with surgery regarding the avoidanceof perioperative complications and the risks of general anesthesia.


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