The Future of Academic Medicine


  • Ana Marušić Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb


Education, Medical, Schools, Biomedical Research, Evidence-Based Medicine, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Note: This editorial was prepared from the published articleson ICRAM activities and the Power Point presentation onthe five scenarios of futures of academic medicine in 2025,prepared by Dr Jocalyn Clark, British Medical Journal. Thepresentation of the scenarios was used by the author of thiseditorial for lectures on several occasions, including the Symposiumon “Gefährdung der univerisitären Medizin”, NeueUniversität Heidelberg, 22 July 2005; 10th “Grazer Konferenz”on “Curriculum Development as an Ongoing Process” in Vienna,11-13 May 2006; and the Symposium on “Ethics andMedicine: Today and Tomorrow” in Zagreb, 24 November2006.


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Author Biography

Ana Marušić, Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb


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