Coccygeal Disc Disease as a Possible Cause of Coccygodynia

Spyridon P. Galanakos, Nikolaos D. Karakousis, George Bablekos, Sophia Fontara


Objective. The aim of the present study was to describe the causes involved in the pathophysiology of coccydynia, emerging from the coccyx or the anatomical tailbone region.

Case Report. We present the case of a 64-year-old man with pain in the coccyx and numbness in the perianal area. After clinical examination and imaging evaluation, including plain X-rays and magnetic resonance, coccygeal disc disease was identified. Other findings, such as tumor and fracture were excluded. We decided to undertake conservative management and the pain was eventually relieved. This is the first case report of coccygodynia and perianal numbness attributed to coccygeal disc disease.

Conclusion. Although there is no standard treatment, coexisting coccygeal disc disease should be always taken into account, with clinical and imaging examinations being considered of major importance to establish both medical diagnosis and treatment.


Coccyx; Coccygodynia; Perianal Numbness; Coccygeal Disc Disease

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