Primary jugular foramen meningioma with unusual extensive bone destruction: case report and review of literature

Svjetlana Mujagić, Senada Sarihodžić, Haris Huseinagić, Jasmina Bećirović–Ibrišević, Zlatko Ercegović


Jugular foramen meningiomas are exceedingly rare tumors ofthe fossa jugularis. These meningiomas are characterized byan invasive growth pattern with extensive skull base infiltrationin all directions and by the mixed permeative-scleroticappearance of the bone margins of the jugular foramen. Wereport an unusual case of a primary jugular foramen meningiomain a 30-year-old woman. The unenhanced highresolutionCT of the temporal bones revealed extensive bonedestruction around the left jugular foramen as well as bonedestruction of the basilar part of the left occipital bone withoutsclerosis. These findings are unusual for meningiomasand correspond more to glomus jugulare tumors. In the literature,we did not find a case similar to ours. Conclusion.MRI and CT imaging provide accurate distinction betweenmeningioma and glomus tumors or schwannomas in mostcases. From high-resolution CT scans, in the case where apermeative-destructive pattern is dominant, and with the absenceof hyperostosis and bone thickening around the jugularforamen, the differential diagnosis between jugular foramenmeningiomas and other tumors, especially glomus jugularetumors, is difficult. In that case the correct diagnosis shouldbe based on the MRI findings.


Jugular foramen; Meningioma; Glomus jugulare tumor; Bone destruction

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