Giant hydronephrosis: case report and review of literature

Svjetlana Mujagić, Mirna Šahinpašić, Haris Huseinagić, Mustafa Bazardžanović, Zinaida Karasalihović


Giant hydronephrosis (GH) is a rare entity that should beconsidered in the differential diagnosis of huge intraabdominalcystic masses. A hydronephrotic kidney usually contains1–2 litres of fluid in the collecting system. We report a caseof a 24 year old man with a hydronephrotic left kidney, fromwhich 14 litres of fluid was surgically drained. In this reportthe importance of computed tomography in the diagnosis anddifferential diagnosis of giant hydronephrosis to other cysticmasses is emphasised. Conclusion. GH should be includedin the differential diagnosis of huge intraabdominal cysticmasses. CT alongside MR should be the method of choice.


Hydronephrosis; Computed tomography

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