Clinical updates on diagnosing glutensensitive enteropathy


  • Faruk Hadziselimovic Institute for diagnosing coeliac disease Liestal, Kindertagesklinik, Liestal
  • Annemarie Bürgin-Wolff Institute for diagnosing coeliac disease Liestal


Coeliac disease, Antibodies, Intestinal biopsy, Diagnosis


In the last twenty years serology for the diagnosis of coeliac disease hasimproved substantially. As the result of our serological studies in 1998we proposed a gentle, low-risk, and cost eff ective algorithm for diagnosingvarious forms of gluten sensitive enteropathy, using a combinationof diff erent antibody determinations, namely IgA Endomysiumantibodies (EMA), Tissue-transglutaminase antibodies (IgA anti tTG,IgG anti tTG), IgA-and IgG antigliadin-antibodies. Performing routinelyserologic testing contributes to a decreased rate of endoscopicinterventions and improves the quality of the patient’s life.


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